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From Space is a solo and co-op action-shooter for squads up to four players. Take on the challenge of liberating the earth from an alien infestation with your friends, using over-the-top weaponry in a post-apolcayptic world with awesomely stylized graphics. The apocalypse has never been so much fun!
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Rated 5,0 out of 5
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Triangle Studios


Microsoft Store, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S


Curve Games

Дата выхода

12 октября 2023 г.

Артикул: 9PLK75782446 Жанр: Для: , ,

Инструкции XBOX

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Отзывы к игре: From Space

заслуженные 5 звёзд

Rated 5,0 out of 5

очень отзывчивые менеджеры, сделали всё очень быстро.


крутяк ваще !

Rated 5,0 out of 5

вот эта вау круто круто ого спасибо !



Rated 5,0 out of 5

Все прошло без проблем, ну как, я лапух косорукий а сотрудники молодцы.


Прошло всё хорошо и быстро

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Сомневался по началу покупать, по потом решился. Всё прошло хорошо и быстро, буквально всё заняло 15 минут времени. Ребята красавцы и работают хорошо. Удачи им!


That’s no bubblegum army, that’s an endless horde of menacingly pink aliens taking over our planet! Enough sweet talk, grab your gear, we need you and your squad to defeat the pink pests!

YOUR MISSION: Liberate Earth from the Alien horde!

We have an emergency on our hands! Resistance is a high-energy “Horde Mode” where you and your (extremely qualified) team will be deployed into unique locations, completing objectives, while surviving waves of pink life forms that increase in difficulty. It’s down to you to save the world.

Collect Tokens to unlock weapons, items, and perks to boost your stats and build the ultimate loadout based on your playstyle. Complete formidable missions and extract with your squad to gain well-earned experience to level up your character. Additionally, for those that love to flaunt, you can show off your skill to other players in the session with 26 different ranks to work towards! Get out there and make us proud, recruit!

It’s time to save the world! Embark on a journey to meet fellow earthlings that require your assistance, you virtuoso. You’ll be completing a wide range of exciting missions, usually, through chaotic combat, and yes, you have full permission to destroy everything in your path.

MISSION TIP #1: Squad Up!
While you can play From Space solo (if you’re brave enough) you’d be wise to invite some friends to help you out. With online play you can create a four-person squad. Look, there’s a lot of those pink pests out there so the more people, the better. Oh, and with a squad, you’ll have some witnessess to tell everyone how awesome you are. It’s basically a win-win scenario.

MISSION TIP #2: Shoot, Explode & Stab
With a variety of weapons (Rocket Launchers, Miniguns, Flamethrowers and more!) there’s no excuse not to annihilate those aliens! Build your ideal spec and use tactical items such as grenades and mines, or slow down the hordes with barbed wire and machinegun turrets. Remember to scavenge the world for loot, you’ll need it!

MISSION TIP #3: You’re special, so pick your specialist skill!
No matter what type of player you are, there’s a wide range of characters in From Space’s roster, each with their own unique ability and weapons. Find the perfect balance with your friends as you build the ultimate super squad.

MISSION TIP #4: Don’t just stand there, Level-up!
As you level-up, you’ll be able to attach special perks to your character, helping you to master the art of destroying aliens. You’ll need to find ways to combat increasingly more powerful aliens, and perks will help you accomplish all of your pink alien squashing dreams. Need to rethink your strategy? No problem! We like innovators! Perks can be swapped around, even between your squad!

MISSION TIP 5#: The apocalypse has never been so much fun… so have fun!
We’re going to level with you… an alien threat is terrifying, terrifyingly fun! Look, the world is already pretty beat up as it is. Who’s going to notice if you cause a little bit more destruction while saving the day? People have insurance it’s fine…

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